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  • Kidzaw - About
  • Kidzaw - About

Kidzaw is a children's art company dedicated to educating and inspiring young artists. Our Master Kitz® product line is a fun and engaging way to expose children to the great master painters and art history.

Kidzaw began as a volunteer effort at our local preschool in Oak Park, Illinois. My experience as a young artist instilled in me a firm belief that it is never too early to introduce children to art history and the great masters of art. My own early art education was woefully inadequate. Art was always taught as somewhat of an afterthought and, what little art we had, online involved craft projects that did not teach art techniques.

Once I had children I wanted to introduce them to the art of masters at a young age to build a better foundation for their art education. I began looking for creative and fun ways to expose them to art history. Thankfully, the staff at First united Nursery School and some friends were supportive of bringing the masters into a pre-school classroom and Kidzaw was born.

Our work in the classroom over the past 5 years has led to the development of the learning materials and tools in our Master Kitz, and Master Sculpz products. Whether its hand gluing hundreds of pieces of foam to a paint roller or finding the perfect rubber to use for the carving of stamps, the lengths that we have gone to create these tools has resulted in a fail proof process that will both engage and delight you and your child. I’m confident that your child will find the Master Kitz process of Learn. Create. Share. An engaging and fun way to explore art history.